October 2nd.

On October 2rd, we get celebrate the birth of our “national father“, forgetting the birth of the man who is to be truly appreciated. Unlike the one who was busy trying to get their picture on the Indian Currency, Lal Bahadur Shastri worked hard, despite criticism from the unrequired.

Lal Bahadur Shastri is the name of that little man who, while suffering the rigors of poverty rose to political eminence on the foundation of moral principles. When I think about ‘truth and honesty” (Yes, the two sound like handing Kim Jong a nuclear weapon) in politics, his name is the first that pops up in my mind.

In 1964 Shastri was unanimously chosen as the successor of Jawahar Lal Nehru despite Morarji Desai being in contention as well. (The decision over the next heir was a long process. K Kamraj, the president of the Party and a popular figure had to do a lot to prevent any split within the party or a voice to have a consensus to select between Lal Bahadur Shastri and Morarji Desai. Any such voting would have maligned the party’s name.)

Shastriji was a poor man from Uttar Pradesh (with a clear headed touch with reality) who was known for his commitment to principles and he went on to prove that later.

During his days in the office, Teen Murti Bhawan was the residence of our first PM, Jawahar Lal Nehru and was in every way suitable as an ear-marked residence of a Prime Minister.

Rudely worded letters from Indira Gandhi and Krishna Huthee Singh (Sister of Nehru) asking to make it a memorial instead because he (Shastri) didn’t require such a large house unlike Nehru who had many visiting and was a much more popular figure than him, shattered him and he gave up on it. He is criticised, till date for having given up on Teen Murti Bhawan but I see it as a decision of a strong man with principles.

When Shashtri was considering names for his cabinet, he was eager to bring Morarji Desai in the cabinet so that, there would be no hard feelings after latter had lost out in the ‘Consensus’ for PM’s chair. He was a nice person.

During the 1965 India-Pakistan War, his greatest moment came when he led India in the Indo-Pak war. Major incursions of Pakistani began in the Jammu region. The war came at a time when the economic conditions in the country had worsened, and prices kept soaring.

Shastri was being criticised for not having Nehru’s outlook in a lot of matters. Ran of Kutch agreement (Agreement relating to Cease- fire and Demarcation of Border) portrayed him as a weak and irresolute PM. It was quite evident that the leaders of Pakistan also shared the widely-prevailing impression of him but if only they knew the iron beneath the velvet!
Shastri ordered the Army to press from the Gujarat-Rajasthan area and head toward Lahore. Pakistan was taken aback at this bold move from a person they considered weak. Although Pakistani gained in the northern regions, Indian Army brought Lahore under the artillery and mortar fire. Indian force were to take Lahore, it being just 12 miles away at one point of time. Till date, Pakistan is thankful to the United-Nations mandated ceasefire.

He gave the famous ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisan’(Hail the Soldier, Hail the Farmer) slogan. He considered food self-sufficiency as important as a strong defence system. According to him, the Kisan (Farmer) was as much a soldier as the Jawan(Soldier). He promoted the white revolution (and also, the green revolution) that revolutionized the dairy industry. While speaking on the acute food shortages across the country, Shastri urged people to voluntarily give up one meal so that the food saved could be distributed to the affected. He first implemented the system in his own family before appealing to the country (as revealed by his son, Anil Shastri in an interview). Talk about morals!

He was known for his honesty and humility. He was the first person to be posthumously awarded the highest civilian award, Bharat Ratna for his contribution. Unfortunately, the little man couldn’t even have a post-mortem after he was suspected of being poisoned following his signature on the Tashkent Agreement (Tashkent Declaration – Wikipedia) in Uzbekistan (then, a part of Soviet Union).

His death is still a mystery and sadly, he has long been forgotten. There is so much to learn from his life. For us, For our politicians. I wish India had politicians like the ‘Iron beneath the velvet’ whom Pakistan misunderstood in 1965.


3 Month Pregnant Goat Dies after being Gang-raped by 3 men

How? Why? First thoughts in your mind ain’t it?

We cannot be sure before we analyse everything, right?

Did the goat do anything to invite the attention of those men? It’s possible that the goat was giving them signals that they understood to mean were sexual advancements. It’s also possible that she was asking for it. I mean, do we know what her facial expressions were? Was she possibly asking for it when she was bleating in the midst of it?

Also, it’s clear that the goat was pregnant, which means that she has had sex at least once before. Since she is already defiled, what difference could it possibly make to have sex once again? Why doesn’t the goat understand that if she is no longer a virgin, it is an automatic yes as far as other men are concerned? It should have been obvious!

More importantly, what was she doing out so late in the night? Why wasn’t she with her owner? Goats have to understand that they better be with their respective owners, otherwise they can be assumed to be available. I guess the owner just wasn’t competent enough to teach some basic manners to the goat and put her in her proper place!

And lastly, why wasn’t she wearing anything! Has she gone insane? She should have completely covered up her genitals. How are innocent men supposed to know that the goat does not want it if the goat just roams around absolutely nude! The sight of goat genitals will obviously incite these innocent but horny young men.

When you know that there are people out there who are ready to put their manhood in any hole that they get, why would you go out nude and literally announcing that you have a hole available! It’s her fault, of course. And after having done so many things wrong, the least she could have done is to call them ‘bhaiya’! Why didn’t she do that?

Clearly the goat wanted it. And deserved it. Now after the deed is done, she cannot shout rape. This is just another false rape case. There are already so many of them that the courthouses are literally brimming with papers. Such a shame! Get over it goats. Stop this goatnazism, and pseudo-goatism. We’ve had enough of it. If people can’t understand such basics, damn them!


“Real Men Don’t Cry”

True Story:

“Real men don’t cry”, a father was instructing his toddler in a cafe, while I was sitting by the nearby table. The little one, about 4–5, looked sad and hurt.
“I’m sorry…”, I interrupted. “Why is it that men don’t cry? Crying is a human trait”, I questioned.

“Because men are strong and while you might rattle on about how we’re in the 21st century, yada yada, there’s a couple of things that really need to be you know…”, he replied, looking both at me and his son. “Men aren’t supposed to show off their emotions. That’s what women do”.

I nodded slowly, in disbelief, and turned back to my food and my novel, where I took my notebook out and starting noting some of the thoughts down.

And why is it that men are so afraid to show their emotions via tears? There’s nothing shameful about it. After all, if crying wasn’t a normal, biological process, then it wouldn’t happen as an uncontrolled response.

In fact, studies show that from infancy until around age 5, boys express their feelings even more than girls do. But when society teaches that showing your emotions is unacceptable, boys learn to repress them instead. Though men who are depressed are less likely than women to ask for help – so by the end of the day, when we instruct our boys to “man up”, it may be hurting all of us.

Men are taught that crying shows your weakness.

Why did we teach that it is perfectly fine for women to cry, whereas men aren’t supposed to?

Why on Earth have we constructed our society and put expectations towards our husbands, fathers, brothers and sons that men cannot be weak?

Why did we tell them to “man up”, repress their emotions and hide their tears, so that in case men do happen to cry, they also often apologize for doing so?

Culture’s view of male crying has continued to evolve into our day. While we still expect men to cry less than women, in some cases it has now become more acceptable for a man to cry than a woman, at least when it comes to our public officials. Hillary Clinton’s tears in New Hampshire brought some compassion, but also criticism that such vulnerability made her ill-suited for leadership. Yet Mitt Romney choked up several times on various news programs without the slightest attention being paid to it. Many see tears as proof that a man is sensitive and humble and thus well-rounded.

Which leaves men in a gray area when it comes to crying in the modern age. Some people these days encourage men to let loose whenever the urge hits. Some adhere to the “you can’t squeeze tears from a stone” philosophy. I think the key to male crying lies somewhere between these two edicts. A man need not be perpetually stoic. There are, of course, times when we feel sorrow or frustration so acutely that it must be let out. Yet there’s a balance between being so sensitive that a Hallmark commercial can make you weep and shedding some tears over something truly significant. Just as there is a balance between releasing some man tears and turning into the kind of blubbering mess that makes everyone feel uncomfortable.

…the little boy was still looking at me.

I finished my food, took my notebook and stood up.

I hesitated.

“I’d like to… thank you”, I approached the man again as I was leaving.

“I’d like to thank you for inspiring me to think, note my thoughts down, and share this story on why men are genuinely afraid to be vulnerable. Also”, I wispered “You’re an asshole.”, I smiled and left.

He looked puzzled.


Something that needs to be said:

Without paying much heed to the aesthetics of writing, I would like to jump directly to the point.

Today I received this picture from a female friend of mine on WhatsApp. As per my nature, I delivered my opinion. On being confronted, she asked me to laugh and take it lightly because it was no big deal.

Had it been about a ‘useless’ woman, people would have raised placards following candle marches. Feminists would have campaigned and another ‘me too’ would have been created.

But this picture is being circulated and laughed at.

It is high time to realise that men deserve the same respect as women. If you can laugh about a rod being shoved up to a man’s ass, you must then feel totally chilled out about insertions in vagina.

From the above incidence and her sheer lack of empathy, I realised a few things about what has been asked in the question.

Continuous deterioration of thinking capability is the sad reality of my generation.

Propagating the herd mentality because ‘if people are laughing at something as grotesque as this, it must be funny’ is the sad reality of my generation.

We have forgotten to weigh things and make informed decisions. And this is the sad reality of my generation.

They are out there, waiting for nabbing you down. You use the word feminist and they will haunt you forever. They will not use their grey matter in understanding in what context the word has been used, instead they will bash you up for using it. They will make you realise that understanding feminism is beyond the bounds of mortals.

I get it. Understanding feminism indeed is a rocket science so I won’t even bother to try.

I am going to stand up for every species on earth irrespective of sex.

It is mainly about one thing. Injustice.

Femminsts say they want the same rights for women as for men. This is the point. Women have the same rights as men. We are all equal before the law. What are they fighting for then? You have to ask a question. What is a right? Right is not something you are entitled to, it is not an obligation. Right is power. Power to decide your leader. Power to express yourself freely. Power to earn certain minimal amount of money.

Feminism is ideology. A world view. What is an ideology concerned with? Power. Somebody has power and somebody does not. Rich have ideology to keep them in power(Feudalism, Capitalism.) and poor have ideology to get power (Communism, Civil Rights, Feminism.) .

Feminist fight for equality of women and men. What does that mean? Now, I am sure Hilary Clinton, a woman, earns much more than half of our complex, combined. What kind of equality is that? The trick is to lump people into classes or sexes. And when that fails, twist statistics. There are some men who earn a million, there are some women who earn a million. But on the whole, men earn more because they work over time or try harder, so the society is sexist and what ever else you want to make up.

People know this. And do not want to have anything in common with such injustice and lies.

Up untill they got the same rights, Femminst were free to claim they are about the same rights. The problem is, the same rights as men did not grant them power. Note. Not the same power as men. Power. Greater power. When that did not happen, Feminists started to claim they are after equality with men.

You can see the exactly same thing with the “Civil Rights”. Blacks did not want the same rights as whites. They wanted the same power as whites. Blacks were given the same rights as whites. But the rights did not grant them the same power. Of course not, this is capitalism, system where your power depends on your abilities, not actions of government. But that does not stop blacks from using the racist card, because it helped so far and is helping them so far, thanks to confused intellectuals. So they claim “There has to be racism!”. And they will untill the end of the world. It has nothing to do with discrimination or even “racism”. It is about capitalism.

Which is why people fight against Feminism. Because Feminism is an ideology in opposition to Capitalism. Just like Communism. Communism wanted to use state to improve lot of poor. Femminism wants to use state to improve lot of women. It is the same. Anybody who agrees with values (ehm) of Capitalism cannot agree with values of Feminism.

Capitalism is a system based on inequality. How can anybody fight for equality in an equal system? Because they are not fighting for equality of power. They fight for power.

How? They want to use state to enforce they world view onto others. They aim to use bureaucracy to get things other get because of their hard work, dedication, intelligence. That is not acceptable. The same goes for political agitation in schools. Schools are supposed to be places of learning, not class or sex struggle.

Why state? Because their ideals are embraced by small percentage of population. If it were 50%, there would be no force to stop that. Which is why there is no political party that promotes feminism. So they influence already elected officials and press. Because they are not going to get elected , but already elected and press has the power to enforce vision of few over opinions of many.

So not only it goes Capitalism, it goes against Democracy.

And that is why people get offended by Feminism. Along with their behaviour, verbal and bodily attacks, as well as the plain stupidity. The stupidity is the difference between an ideology(Feminism) and the reality or another ideology. Like you cannot(Wait a minute.) claim white men are sexual predators and then say they repress sexuality. The Nipple? Is that some kind of black drug dealer unlawfully behind bars?

I thought it was plural. Anyway, that is the class and sex grouping. Individuals become a group and you can project what ever you want upon that group. Obviously, individual men do not rape women. But as a social construct?

That is my world view, that is their world view. Incompatible.

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Women’s conditions in Sudan.

Sudan is one of the very few countries to have laws which actually “degrade” women.

Strict interpretations of Islam curb Sudanese women’s freedoms, It allows for domestic abuse, child marriage and marital rape. Sexual violence is common and often goes unpunished

In the survey, the researchers point to the 12.1 million women and girls that are victims of female genital mutilation. Also, girls can legally marry from the age of 10, and a third of the women aged between 20 and 24 were married by the age of 18. A woman’s lifetime risk of maternal death is 1 in 31, the poll reports, saying there are 730 maternal deaths for every 100,000 births.

Sudan’s article 152 of the penal code is used to justify arresting and flogging women for the way they dress, it is stated. Experts also found that victims of rape often do not report it, fearing they will be tried for adultery.

“There are some laws that target women, degrade them and affect their human dignity. Through these laws women are degradingly punished by whipping and imprisonment,” a journalist was quoted as saying.

Out off the 22 ranked Arab countries, Egypt is the worst to be living in as a woman. 99.3% of Egyptian women are subjected to sexual harassment and there are high rates of female genital mutilation. In addition, 27.2 million women are victims of female genital mutilation in Egypt, the largest number in a single country in the world.

The archipelago Comoros in the Indian Ocean polled well across all categories, Reuters says, except for political representation. Comorian women have a good deal of social freedom while sexual abuse is recognised and punished.

The Thomas Reuters Foundation’s poll surveyed six themes: violence against women, reproductive rights, women in the family, women in the economy, women in society and women in politics. These are key themes of the UN Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women which is signed by 19 Arab League states. Sudan did not ratify the convention.

Sudan’s progress along this line has recently declined. Women are too scared to stand up for themselves in the fear of being charged and accused of adultery etc.

Honestly, this disgusts me. I literally have no words to say. What kind of a World do we live in? The kind that actually has Laws to put a particular “gender” down? We call ourselves civilized. But are we really?

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End to Body Shaming

Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful and about 72% of girls feel tremendous pressure to be beautiful. (This is 100% true not random figures. Go google it)

This ideology because of people, has given rise to countless other physical, psychological and mental issues. People must and should and unfasten this conjecture from minds that has been adamant to find its way out. It’s time we stop wasting our time measuring ourselves against impossible standards in lots of ways. We need to enlighten ourselves about how physical beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and how our reflection does not decide our worth.

What matters is what’s inside us. Our strength, determination, and perseverance are what truly defines us and our appearance is merely a means to communicate what our soul cannot express in words. To all the wonderful people reading this, you’re all beautiful in your own unique ways, what’s left is to accept and know who you are.

Eat because you love to, not because you’re depressed. Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it. It’s time we admire other’s beauty without questioning ours because imperfections are what make us all perfect. Remember, beauty starts in your mind, not in your mirror.

Don’t Starve yourself because your boyfriend told you to. Starve yourself because you are too lazy to walk till the kitchen (Guys, please don’t Starve yourself in anyway) Don’t drink because you have to look “Cool” in front of your buddies and seek bubble reputation. Drink because Bailey and Ellie die in “A dog’s Purpose”

What I’m trying to convey is, don’t let others manipulate you or your future in any goddamn way. It’s your future. It’s your call. You get to Pull the strings. Not the guy you have a crush on. Not your boyfriend. NO ONE.
We’re all unique in our own ways. We all have diffrent ways of expressing ourselves don’t change for Anyone around you.

Your attitude and Perseverance defines you not the temple of makeup you call your face.


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When does the body shaming end?

You’re either “All About That Bass” or have too much bass. You celebrate your curves, but filter the sh!t out of your Instagram photos. You love the au naturel ads that utilize the same type of model throughout as their conformity. You’re either too tall, too short, too skinny, too fat, too flabby, too ripped, too voluptuous or not voluptuous enough. When does the body shaming end?

We, as females, need to STOP body-shaming. Thick, thin, fat, and skinny are terms that have been given too much value, both negative and positive. In reality, they are just words. We use them, though, in ways that either praise or degrade someone. Society has also felt the need to denote, which is better. Now, the ideal type varies from culture to culture. So, what really is the best body type?

It does not exist; it is only theoretical. However, pop-culture has made being thin synonymous with being beautiful. Not all people think this, but many people still do. Some of these people feel the need to make their opinion known and even bash people for not fitting their ideal.

Body-shaming has become commonplace in social media, as seen daily. But who has the right to give their opinion? Who knows what the ideal really is? The answer is no one. Men, women, and society do not have the right to tell you or anyone else what they should look like. Unless they have a medical degree and are telling you that you need to lose weight for your health, they are better off keeping their opinions to themselves. Fat or skinny, if you are happy with the way you look and you are healthy, you are fine.

Ideals are relative. No one should tell someone what they should look like. It will never be their place unless they are a doctor. Women, above else, should celebrate their own bodies as well as others. Women are always being told by men, society, and culture about how they should look, feel, dress, and many other things. As such, we need to work together to change this, not join the masses in promoting these same theoretical ideals.

Recently, Camila Cabello posted a story of herself on the shoot and said, “Even I need contours”

We’ve all been called or rather body shamed at some point of our lives… And honestly, no matter what you say, “It doesn’t matter” or whatever, end of the day, it does. You keep Questioning yourself ‘Is it true?’

Call me a hypocrite but honestly, no. I don’t judge people on the basis of their body shape, size colour. I don’t care if you’re a size zero or a size ninety six . I’ll judge u on the basis of your asshole-ness.


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